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Productizing Science®

Blacktrace pioneers Productizing Science® which is the process of turning great scientific discoveries into marketable and commercially successful products.

Blacktrace looks at the market with a keen understanding of what makes a product scientifically innovative and commercially viable. Typical steps in the process of Productizing Science® are:

  • Product development – Blacktrace has a genuine commercial understanding that ensures optimal return on investment to justify development
  • High-tech – Use of latest technologies and specialised scientific labs and cleanrooms
  • Manufacturing – High quality and reliable products, made on time and budget. Sophisticated logistic and MRP systems to manage complex supply chain
  • Marketing communication – Excellent messages that reach the targeted audiences
  • Commercial ramp up – Outstanding support for scientific products, and, access to Blacktrace’s network of international sales and marketing channels to promote and distribute products



Nadia and Nadia Innovate instruments

 An automated microfluidic droplet-based platform for single cell research that encapsulates up to 8 samples, in parallel, in under 20 mins…


Telos high-throughput droplet manufacture

Revolutionary high-throughput microfluidic system for production of up to a tonne of highly monodisperse droplets a month….


The bi-annual Productizing Science® Competition aims to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and commercial success – turning early stage technologies into market-leading products.

The competition challenges the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of researchers, scientists and engineers, providing them with the opportunity to propose a novel scientific discovery related to microfluidics and turn it into a commercial product. 

Winners of Productizing Science® competition

sensorlab 100w

2014 Winner: Electrochemical Sensor Development Kit

Zimmertech’s concept of an electrochemical sensor development kit to aid research into new electrochemical assays for the detection of diseases was the 2014 competition winner. It is designed to aid the development of portable hand-held diagnostics devices, allowing laboratory technology-based assays to be performed in the field. Read more..


2013 Winner: Fully Automated DNA Lab-on-a-chip Microfluidic System

Molbot Pte. Ltd. submitted the 2013 winning concept of a low-cost bench-top molecular biology “Minilab” for automating molecular biology applications. It was designed to utilize microfluidic technology to take traditional sequential manipulations such as PCR assembly, thermal cycling, and perform them ‘on chip’ in an automated way. Read more…

dropix 150w

Winner 2012 Droplet on Demand System

The first Productizing Science® Competition Winner was Droptech, who submitted the concept of Mitos Dropix®. Mitos Dropix® is a compact and portable droplet-on-demand microfluidic system designed to generate droplets of up to 24 different samples and store up to 1000 droplets with sizes down to 25nl. Read more