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A winning award from Glass Solutions

news-6Glass Solutions has collaborated with production company Atom Ltd to manufacture a unique high quality glass trophy for a large multinational company. Alan Robinies, Director at Atom, explained: “We had previously produced a number of awards in acrylic for the company to present to its staff in recognition of their achievements. Subsequently, we were approached to recreate these custom-designed awards, this time in high quality glass. Finding a supplier prepared to take on the challenge of creating something a little different to normal was not easy; Glass Solutions was like a breath of fresh air, and did a great job for us.”

“Quality is paramount and, while the original acrylic award was good, the glass trophy is far superior. The craftsmanship involved in glass blowing, bonding different pieces of glass together and then creating the bespoke shape of the award, is incredible and cannot be mimicked by a computer or machine. It’s fascinating to watch. Turnaround times are equally important, and Glass Solutions delivered the awards to us in advance of the agreed deadline, ensuring that we had ample time to complete the decoration and engraving. I always had confidence in what the company could achieve and, once the first award was complete, it was plain sailing.”