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User-friendly, Real Time, in situ IR Spectroscopy System

Syrris further expands capabilities of the Atlas reactor series

Syrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the new Atlas FT-IR System for in situ reaction monitoring. With integrated mid-IR capabilities, this fully-automated system combines the technology of the Atlas automated reactor with Bruker Optics’ Matrix-MF, a process ready fourier transform infra red (FT-IR) spectrometer. Available in a wide range of vessel sizes, from 50 ml to 5 L, this compact system fits easily into fume cupboards, making it ideal for any laboratory performing real-time analysis of chemical reactions and processes.

IR_Spectroscopy_SystemWith the ability to perform real-time, in situ quantitative analysis, this system can be used to examine product yields, impurities, reaction kinetics, end points, etc. The system is easily upgradable with the ability to provide further functionality such as reaction calorimetry, pH control, gravimetric or volumetric reagent addition, crystallization control, etc. Through the combination of a chemically resistant reactor and an attenuated total reflection (ATR) probe with vibration-resistant optics, the entire system is extremely robust. Furthermore, the oil drain unit, jacketed vessel clamp auto align stirrer and quick oil connectors allow fast vessel change, in under one minute. With a wide range of temperatures (-80 to 180 °C), pressures (up to 200 bar) and wavenumbers (from 3,500 to 560 cm-1) available, the system is exceptionally versatile and meets a variety of different user requirements.

The large, user-friendly interface of the Atlas FT-IR system incorporates intuitive “drag and drop” capabilities for ease-of-use. What is more, the Atlas Software enables IR data from the Bruker Optics Matrix-MF to be displayed alongside other process data, for effortless control and visualisation of results.

For further information about the Atlas FT-IR System, or any of the products in the versatile range of Atlas systems that includes pH monitoring and control, reaction calorimetry, turbidity, volumetric and gravimetric dosing and many more, please visit

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