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User-friendly, Flexible High Torque Stirrer Adaptor

Syrris expands adaptability of Atlas system

stirrer_atlasLeading chemistry automation product innovator, Syrris has introduced the new Atlas High Torque Stirrer Adaptor for Heidolph stirrers. Providing an alternative to the Atlas Scorpion Overhead Stirrer, this adaptor enables additional user flexibility through the incorporation of third party instrumentation. As a new addition to the Atlas range, the high torque stirrer adaptor enables effective mixing, homogenizing and re-circulating of high viscosity substances with torque feedback.

Consisting of support rods, a factory-fitted quick adaptor and a support post, all components required to make the Atlas system compatible with the Heidolph stirrer are supplied. The support rods fit directly into the top of the jacketed vessel clamp to hold the stirrer in place, while aligning the overhead stirrer with the stirrer seal and guide. The support post then replaces the Atlas Scorpion Overhead Stirrer post.

When used in combination with the high torque adaptor, the Heidolph Control Overhead Stirrer is available with speeds up to 1000 RPM and a maximum peak overload torque of 40 Newton centimetres (Ncm) or a continuous torque of 20 Ncm with feedback. The entire system can be controlled via the front panel of the stirrer or via the Atlas Software and Atlas Port.

For further information about the Atlas High Torque Stirrer Adaptor or any of the products in the versatile Atlas product range, such as pH monitoring and control, reaction calorimetry, turbidity, volumetric and gravimetric dosing, please visit