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Syrris’ Atlas Software Provides “Plug and Play” Operation and Extensive Support Allows Unbeatable Experimental Control and Analysis (July 8th, 2008)

Atlas_Laptop_CroppedLeading chemistry automation product innovator Syrris, has introduced the Atlas Software for whole system control, configuration and analysis. With unsurpassed compatibility, the intuitive PC-based application enables multiple systems such as stirrers, circulators, pumps and balances to be intelligently combined using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. In essence, the Atlas Software offers chemistry laboratories true flexibility of apparatus and vendor choice.

The Atlas Software not only controls the Atlas hardware but numerous other devices from other manufacturers. Virtually any RS232 controlled apparatus and analogue sensors can be connected to the software via a simple port which plugs-into the computer’s USB connection.

Running reactions from the Atlas Software allows all responses such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH and mass flow to be continuously monitored and graphically displayed in real time. Reaction data is continually logged to CSV data files making analysis easy. The “drag and drop” interface means recipes can be created, changed and saved with a click of a mouse, enabling “on the fly” experiment modifications.

Mike Hawes, Sales & Marketing Director, Syrris comments, “From customer feedback, we have found that the Atlas software is probably the most undersold part of Atlas. Yet when people have realised how easy it fits into and controls their existing set-up – they are both surprised and delighted” he continued, “Atlas software can really transform the connectability and efficiency of a laboratory”. The Atlas Software underpins the Atlas family of automated synthesis systems.

Designed as a series of high performance, low cost synthesis systems, the Atlas automated reactors provide a unique offering of simple yet intelligent operation, compact design and robust construction. As a consequence, these products have gone from strength to strength since their launch in 2006.

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