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Ultimate Flow Chemistry System for Fully Automated Process Optimization

asia_230_systemSyrris provides the modular Asia flow chemistry systems for the widest variety of chemical reactions and ultimate ease of use. The portfolio includes the Asia 330, an ideal system for chemists requiring the highest quality and functionality available.

As an advanced integrated flow chemistry system, the Asia 330 provides walk away capabilities. Factors such as reaction time, temperature and reagent ratio can be varied and each reaction is collected and analysed automatically. Furthermore, the automatic control of syringe pumps, injection reagents, synthesis and waste diversion enable hundreds of solutions or phase experiments to occur.

As the ultimate integrated flow chemistry system, the Asia 330 expands on the capabilities offered by other Asia systems by including the FLLEX module for flow aqueous work-up and the Asia Sampler and Dilutor, which allows integration of analytical devices such as liquid chromatography mass spectrometers (LCMS).

The easy to use Asia Manager PC software allows 1000s of system configurations, single or multi step reactions, graphical display of data and full data logging.

The Asia modular flow chemistry systems

The new Asia range of flow chemistry reactors incorporates maximum chemical resistance with wide temperature (-15 to 250°C) and pressure (0-20 bar) ranges. The systems are easy-to-use, with fast reaction times and the ability to produce anywhere from a microgram to a kilogram of product. The Asia systems are built from flexible modules, which can be purchased separately and then arranged in any fashion to add new functionalities to an existing platform. This means that as a user’s synthesis requirements change, an Asia flow chemistry system can adapt to meet this need.

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