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Syrris releases new batch chemistry reactors catalogue

catalogueSyrris is pleased to announce the release of its new batch chemistry reactors catalogue, providing organic chemists worldwide with all the information required to select the correct equipment for their specific synthesis needs. The versatile Syrris reactor range covers a broad spectrum of applications – from synthesis, process optimization and reaction analysis to crystallization, calorimetry and scale-up – providing extremely high quality, easy-to-use automated products.

The Company’s flagship automated reactor system, Atlas, is a revolutionary series of modular products offering control of single or multiple reactions in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials, with volumes ranging from 1ml to 5L. Syrris also offers Custom Reactor Systems designed and built to individual specifications. Complete systems – from 100ml to 250L – can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus and fully automated using the Reactor Master PC Software.

For laboratories with a more modest budget, the Globe jacketed chemical reactor system – whose proprietary technology allows vessels from 50ml to 5L to be changed in under a minute – is the ideal process chemistry reactor. As well as saving time, money and space, the manually controlled Globe can be upgraded to allow full automation as your needs change. For applications requiring elevated pressures, Syrris offer high pressure versions of both the Atlas and Globe reactors. Whether you are working in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, CROs or the petrochemical industry, Syrris has a solution for your laboratory.