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Syrris microreactors used for continuous-flow nanoparticle synthesis

asia_210_systemResearchers around the world are realizing the benefits of the Asia flow reactor range from Syrris, the world’s leading provider of laboratory scale flow chemistry systems, for the synthesis of nanoparticles.

Already widely adopted by organic chemists, this innovative flow microreactor system is now being used to provide fast and reproducible continuous formation of nanoparticles, quantum dots and colloidal metals.

Flow chemistry offers a number of advantages over traditional batch-based techniques for nanoparticle synthesis, due to the small internal diameter and extremely high surface-to-volume ratio within the microreactor. These characteristics ensure fast, efficient mixing and accurate temperature control for more consistent and reproducible results.

The modular design of the Asia flow reactor range also offers easy scalability and exceptional process flexibility, as well as providing convenient and straightforward set-up of pressurized and multi-step processes.

Paulina Lloret, a researcher from the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial in Argentina, commented:

“We trialed our nanoparticle experiments on the Asia flow chemistry system during a visit to Syrris’ UK facilities, and immediately placed an order for our own system. We are looking forward to performing our synthesis on the Asia, which will help us to optimize the speed and results of our synthesis workflow.”

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