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Syrris launches novel quantum dot synthesis system

atlas-nanoparticle-systemSyrris, a world leader in chemistry product innovation, has launched the Atlas Nanoparticle System for the automated synthesis of quantum dots. This fully automated solution offers complete control over temperature, mixing, dosing and sampling, allowing the production of nanoparticles with a narrow size distribution.

The Atlas Nanoparticle System is ideal for the production of complex particles, including both core-shell and multi-layered quantum dots. It has an extremely small footprint and integrates all the required elements – dosing, heating, mixing and sampling – to enable continuous operation for up to 72 hours. Built-in magnetic stirring ensures uniform heating of the 250 ml reaction vessel up to 300 °C, with a Heated Syringe Pump and Heated Lines to maintain reagents at temperatures of up to 120 °C. The three syringes can dose up to 25 ml each in volumes ranging from 0.1 to 5 ml and, following synthesis, the system’s Sample Collection Carousel enables automatic sample collection into 10 vials.

Temperatures, pumping volumes, pumping rates and the timing of additions are easily controlled via the Syringe Pump or PC software. Real-time and complete reaction data can be monitored using optional absorption/fluorescence spectrophotometry, as well as temperature and turbidity probes, enabling truly optimized, reproducible synthesis of quantum dots.

For more information, please visit Atlas Nanoparticle Synthesis System