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Syrris have launched new Asia Cryo Controller for -100°C Flow Chemistry

Syrris, a world leader in flow chemistry product innovation has launched the advanced Asia Cryo Controller, designed specifically for flow chemistry.

At only 16cm (6.3”) wide, the easy-to-use Asia Cryo Controller offers the ultimate in compact, high performance, trouble­free cooling of flow chemistry processes. Its sophisticated proprietary cooling technology achieves microreactor temperatures as low as -100°C and tube reactor temperatures down to ­-70°C, using only mains power and eliminating the need for dry ice, liquid nitrogen, running water or a circulator. Reactions are visible even at these ultra-low temperatures, due to the module’s clear insulation and a nitrogen purge. To ensure maximum flexibility, a wide range of reactors – fluoropolymer or stainless steel tube reactors, and glass or quartz microreactors – of varying volumes can be accommodated, with a quick latch mechanism allowing exchange in seconds with no tools required.

The Asia Cryo Controller can be used either “standalone” or with the range of other Asia modules including Pump, Pressurised Input Store, Reagent Injector, Chip Climate Controller, Heater, FLLEX (Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction), Pressure Controller, Sampler and Dilutor, and a selection of Collectors. For straightforward automation of flow chemistry processes, the Asia Cryo Controller can be connected to the Asia Manager PC Software.