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The Syrris China Roadshow – Day 15

Day 15: Stuart gets by with a little help from his friendSeptember 27th, 2017

Today’s meeting in Guangzhou Nansha started at 9:20h and was with a pharma company who were looking to understand more about flow chemistry. They’d started researching the subject and were very happy that we could visit them and show them our range of flow chemistry systems. There were about 23 people across different departments in the company: process, safety, analytical and chemists. They bombarded us with questions during the presentations of the systems, which was great! Really showed their interest and enthusiasm.

Stuart’s back is still causing him a lot of pain, but today he was a hero, splitting the practical presentations with Leandro as the group was so big. Thank you, Stuart! We left the building at 16:00h and travelled to Shenzhen (around a 2.5 hours’ drive). Along the way, we stopped to buy some medicinal spray for Stuart and Leandro said it was an honour to spray it on his back, what a good friend!

Before arriving in Shenzhen, we had to stop, as Stuart was not feeling well (he was whiter than he normally is!) We believe it was the fish he had for lunch (but Leandro had the same and was fine) Maybe he is missing home.

Shenzhen is a very big city and there was a bad traffic jam when we arrived. Stuart was not up for dinner…he vomited and had a migraine (too much information?) So Leandro ventured out alone to walk around Shenzhen and found something he hadn’t seen so far in China…a MacDonald’s! Seeing that yellow “M” made his day and obviously, he went in to stuff his face.

Leandro is amazed by the sheer quantity of spas and lights around the city here. In general, the environment is very welcoming in China…sometimes we see some old ladies dancing, or exercising outside, it’s lovely to see and feels like a safe place to be.

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