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Syrris celebrates its most successful year to date

syrris-2014-corporate-prSyrris continues to lead the way with its batch reactor products and flow chemistry systems, increasing profits by over 50% year-on-year. The Company achieved record returns in 2013, shipping products to over 50 countries worldwide and significantly increasing its global customer base.

This includes the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, leading universities and government institutes, plus companies working in fields such as food, flavor and fragrance, petrochemicals, nanoparticle and fine chemical synthesis.

Highlights of 2013 included a global series of workshops – enabling chemists to discover the advantages of flow and automated process chemistry – and the launch of an exclusive Customer Club, offering members easy access to a wide variety of select benefits and additional information

Syrris also committed to a three-year, multi-million pound research and development program, part funded by European Union and Technology Strategy Board grants which were awarded in recognition of the Company’s ability to develop innovative, user-friendly and commercially successful products for chemists and chemical engineers. The program will allow existing award-winning products, including Asia and Atlas reactors, to be further enhanced, and novel batch and flow chemistry products to be developed.

CEO Mike Hawes commented: “This is a really exciting time in Syrris’ history. Our most successful year ever has established Syrris as the market leader in flow chemistry products. The launch of our research and development program will deliver further world-class products offering the greatest control and ultimate ease of use to our customers, enabling a broader array of chemistry on a wider scale than ever before.”