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Syrris Atlas has the Midas touch with nanoparticles

midatech-gold-nanoparticlesSpanish biotechnology company Midatech Biogune is taking advantage of our Atlas Potassium reactor systems to produce custom-made functionalized gold nanoparticles for medicinal use.

Midatech’s CEO, Justin Barry, explained: “Midatech is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on translating its proprietary gold nanoparticle drug delivery platform into effective nanomedicines targeting currently unmet medical needs.”

“We begin by producing functionalized gold nanoparticles on a bench scale, then move to larger scale manufacturing processes, where it makes sense to use a reactor system. Our Atlas Potassium reactors, with pH control and an Atlas Syringe Pump XL, have allowed us to scale­up production, enabling variables such as pH and temperature to be tightly controlled.”

“The Atlas Potassium was the only logical way to move from manufacturing nanoparticles on a laboratory scale to a mini production environment. It is a reliable and reproducible reactor system that is well assembled, compact and portable, and performs exactly as we were told it would.”

“Atlas Potassium is also very flexible, accommodating volumes ranging from 50 ml to 2 liters, and its operating software works well, enabling a series of validation runs to be performed quickly and easily. The Atlas reactors were easy to implement in the laboratory, and it took just six to eight months to establish a validated process. We are very happy with them.”