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Syrris Atlas Dry Baths – Safe, Fast Reaction Heating and Cooling

Dry_bath_200_pixels_wideLeading chemistry automation product innovator Syrris, has announced the launch of the Atlas Dry Baths, the latest addition to the Atlas family of modular synthesis products. Designed as a new method for heating round bottomed flasks and vials, the Dry Baths, including the Stacking and Triple Dry Bath models, avoid issues commonly associated with oil baths and stays safe to the touch during operation. Furthermore, the Atlas Dry Baths are compatible with leading brands of hotplate.

The Stacking Dry Bath is compact and flexible; a series of concentric cups accommodates flasks of varying volume, from 50ml to 1 litre, and excellent thermal transfer allows the fast heating times. The cups can be replaced with vial bath inserts for 6 large, 8 medium or 12 large vials.

A Triple Dry Bath is also available for three flasks from 50ml to 250ml. With high operating temperatures of up to 280°C, the Atlas Dry Baths offer a safer and more efficient heating option for round bottom flasks or vials without the risk and mess of oil baths.

Additionally, a protective safety shield enables the module to be quickly picked up and moved in the case of an emergency. It also facilitates the rapid cooling of a reaction for work-up and purification via a natural convection airflow.

The unique cup design prevents the cracking of glassware and a temperature probe hole for every cup facilitates intimate contact with reactors. The development of deep cups has optimised heat surface area, reducing heat-up time.

The Dry Bath is part of the Atlas automated synthesis system, a low cost, intelligent modular system that is simple to use and quick to set up. Using a fully modular approach, the Atlas base unit can be configured into a wide range of systems to control vials, round bottom flasks and jacketed vessels.

Atlas systems are applicable for numerous functions including heating, stirring, cooling, pH measurement and automated reagent addition. For more information on Atlas and its extended family of products including the Orbit parallel chemistry module, please visit