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Syrris Asia Chip Climate Controller – advanced microreactor temperature control

asia_110_systemSyrris offers the unique Asia Chip Climate Controller module for its revolutionary range of Asia flow chemistry products. The Asia Chip Climate Controller provides advanced microreactor temperature control for faster, cleaner reactions in glass or quartz microreactors, offering maximum chemical resistance, excellent mixing and easy visualization of reactions.

The compact Asia Chip Climate Controller allows quick and accurate temperature control without the need for an external circulator or cold water supply, ensuring a small footprint while improving the yield and consistency of exothermic and endothermic reactions.

A range of chips – including 62.5 µl, 250 µl, 1 ml and micromixer options – can be swiftly and easily clipped into the Asia Chip Climate Controller, enabling cooling or heating from -15 ºC to +150 ºC at 1 ºC intervals. It can be controlled manually from the module’s front panel, or automated using either the Asia Automator with an Asia Pump or the Asia Manager PC software, offering a robust solution to meet your flow chemistry needs, from entry level systems to advanced reactor set-ups.