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Reaction set-up has never been so simple

Syrris launch new Atlas Remote Mount for large volume synthesis

Atlas_Remote_with_Base_200Royston, UK (14th April 2008) – Syrris has today announced the launch of the Atlas Remote Mount module, adding functionality to the renowned Atlas family of modular synthesis products. Designed for the chemist performing reactions in jacketed reactors, the Remote Mount offers a fast and easy-to-use vessel clamping system with quick ‘click’ action. A vessel assembly can be located away from the Atlas Base, whilst an umbilical connection provides communication for remote control, allowing the system to retain all the benefits and functionality of the Atlas system. Furthermore, working volumes are maximised to 5 litres as 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre reactors are accepted.

The Atlas Remote Mount simply hooks onto existing fume cupboard scaffolding without the need for tools or bulky surrounding framework. A Jacketed Vessel Clamp will then fit onto the Remote Mount, providing a system that can clamp Atlas jacketed reactors and lids in just seconds and allows vessels to be changed in under a minute. The Remote Mount creates more space below the jacketed reaction vessel for further processes and allows jacketed reactors and round bottom flasks to be controlled by the same system.