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Prosonix and Syrris Announce Partnership to Deliver Lab Scale Sonocrystallization

Prosonix Ltd (Oxford, UK) and Syrris (Royston, UK) are delighted to announce a new marketing partnership which positions Syrris as the prime channel to market for Prosonix’s new SonoLab™ laboratory scale sonocrystallization and sonoprocessing equipment.

atlas_sonolabProsonix are acknowledged leaders in the commercialization of proprietary ultrasonic particle engineering technologies and added value ultrasonic process chemistry solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries. In particular, Prosonix proprietary sonocrystallization technology delivers usable and practical Complete Crystallization Control™ across a wide range of crystallization processes by controlling nucleation without the need for external seeds or operating at troublesome high supersaturation. Prosonix’s sonocrystallization technology is increasingly being recognised as the defacto first choice for pharmaceutical API crystallization and isolation.

Uniquely, SonoLab™ incorporates the same bonded transducer based design that are featured in the operation of Prosonix larger scale Prosonitron™ reactors, which are already proven in commercial operation and can operate in GMP and ATEX environments in primary and secondary API production. The Syrris Atlas platform is rapidly becoming acknowledged as the new default standard and market leading automated laboratory reactor suite. The AtlasTM package of an ergonomic design, modularity, innate simplicity, reliability, intelligent intuitive software are a highly desirable and cost effective solution compared to other systems.

Utilising the new SonoLab™ equipment in conjunction with the Atlas platform now provides customers a sound basis for quality ultrasonic experimentation and a seamless transition from laboratory to pilot plant, at scales ranging from 100 ml up to 100L, safe in the knowledge that laboratory results can be successfully implemented at manufacturing scale using the Prosonitron™ system.

Commenting on the deal, Prosonix CEO David Hipkiss said,

“I am delighted to be able to announce this partnership with Syrris, the rapidly emerging leader in automated laboratory reactors. It provides Prosonix and our global pharmaceutical customers a highly focussed and cost effective means of accessing our process technology at small scale. We look forward to working with Syrris in the months and years ahead.”

Adding his approval, Mark Gilligan, Syrris CEO said,

“Prosonix’ suite of particle engineering technologies represent a potential ideal solution to a range of manufacturing and formulation problems that are directly related to the historic methods of crystallizing active pharmaceutical ingredients, currently commonly employed throughout the pharmaceutical industry. This new partnership is an ideal and further differentiation for Syrris global product offering in automated reactor platforms.

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