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When pH sensitive reactions require ‘intelligent’ control

Syrris launch new Atlas pH Monitoring & Control System for chemical synthesis

Atlas_pH_ControlRoyston, UK (9th April 2008) – Syrris, leading chemistry automation product innovator, has today announced the introduction of its Atlas pH Monitoring and Control Systems. Developed for the accurate control of pH throughout the most sensitive of reactions, the new pH control system offers chemists a simple and reliable tool for use in chemical synthesis. Intelligent, PC-free control allows the efficient maintenance of pH via real-time detection, display and adjustment, with the automated addition of acid/base using the Atlas Syringe Pump. Quick click-in action enables easy set-up and its compact footprint means the system fits conveniently in any regular fume cupboard.

pH and temperature probes connect to the intelligent Atlas base where parameters such as temperature, stirrer speed and quantity of acid/base can be accurately and consistently controlled. Temperature, stirrer speed an pH values are continually displayed on the base in real-time and automatically logged to a .csv file. Additionally, a wide temperature and pH range, up to 100°C and 0-14pH (>0.1pH accuracy) is accompanied by automatic temperature compensation for an even tighter control of pH.

The pH Monitoring and Control systems are part of the Atlas family of modular synthesis products and are based on the Atlas Potassium System for jacketed reactors. Designed as a series of high performance and low cost synthesis systems, the Atlas products provide a unique offering of simple yet intelligent operation, compact design and robust construction. As a consequence these products have gone from strength to strength since their launch in 2006.