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Particle Works offers hydrogel beads for 3D cell growth

Particle Works – tParticle Works offers hydrogel beads for 3D cell growthhe nano- and micro-structured material specialist – has developed a range of alginate and agarose hydrogel beads designed to enable three-dimensional cell culture growth. This bead-based environment more closely mimics in vivo conditions, providing greater access to nutrients and allowing better cell-cell interactions.

Three-dimensional cell cultures have been widely recognized as offering substantial improvements over conventional two-dimensional (Petri dish) cultures for many years, allowing considerably more accurate in vitro investigations of cellular behavior. Particle Works alginate and agarose beads are precision manufactured to offer exceptional experimental reproducibility and easy scalability for a range of applications. These highly monodisperse beads have a uniform size of 75 µm and excellent batch-to-batch consistency – with typical CV values of ≤2.5 % – and are supplied as highly concentrated suspensions, allowing close packing of beads for higher cell yields. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities and nanomaterial expertise allow rapid manufacturing to suit your throughput needs, with full characterization data and product quality guarantees, plus dedicated service support for life sciences applications.

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