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Particle Works offers extensive portfolio of high quality nano- and microparticle materials

Particle Works – a Blacktrace Holdings brand – is a world leader in the synthesis of nano- and microparticles. Combining state-of-the-art facilities with precision manufacturing expertise, the company can offer a wide range of bespoke services, including high throughput material discovery, process optimization and synthesis scale-up.
Particle Works’ extensive product portfolio – including gold and magnetic nanoparticles, quantum dots and hydrogel beads – is characterized by exceptional precision in terms of particle size, shape and structure. Using cutting-edge manufacturing equipment from sister companies Syrris and Dolomite, the company draws on its in-depth knowledge of particle chemistry and manufacturing processes to provide custom development of novel nanomaterials based on continuous flow, batch or droplet microfluidic techniques. All materials are fully characterized using a range of techniques – such as transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, fluorescence and optical microscopy, UV-Vis spectroscopy and dynamic light scattering – offering complete peace of mind and ensuring high quality final products for virtually any application.

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