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Particle Works creates range of high performance quantum dots

Particle Works – the nano- and microparticle materials specialist – has developed a range of high quality quantum dots for use in diagnostic, biomedical and optoelectronic applications. Available with a range of functional coatings, these high performance quantum dots offer unmatched color purity and unbeatable value. The optical properties of quantum dots are determined by their size, shape and structure, making precise control of manufacturing processes crucial for the creation of high performance materials. Particle Works combines its expertise in microfluidics and flow chemistry with state-of-the-art production systems to fabricate highly monodisperse quantum dots with narrow size distributions – typical CV values of ≤2.5 % – and excellent batch-to-batch consistency. Automated, scalable production ensures that Particle Works quantum dots offer much better value than other commercially available products, backed by full characterization data and product quality guarantees. The company can supply products with a range of functional coatings to suit imaging, fluorescent labeling and lighting applications, with dedicated service support for life sciences and optoelectronic applications. For more information, visit: