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Orbit: The all round chemistry solution

Orbit_SystemsSyrris introduce new parallel reaction station for the Atlas automated synthesis system

Royston, UK – Leading chemistry automation product innovator, Syrris, has announced the introduction its new Orbit parallel chemistry module, a high performance, low cost parallel reaction station for research and development chemistry. Orbit is part of the Atlas family of products, an intelligent and modular automated synthesis system from Syrris.

The compact Orbit module has been designed with flexibility in mind and readily fits the Atlas Hotplate, Hot and Cold Circulator Plate or any regular third party equivalent. Orbit can accommodate different numbers of tubes, and with a wide temperature range it allows reactions to be heated to 280°C with reflux or cooled to -40°C.

Reactions are magnetically stirred in an inert atmosphere, and as all operations are tool-free, the Orbit is a safe and easy-to-use synthesis station.

Available in two different sizes, Orbit can accommodate up to 6 x 45ml tubes or 12 x 10ml tubes. Sharing the innovative design and operational simplicity of Atlas, Orbit incorporates a quick, twist-and-click lid seal which when closed, immediately applies an inert atmosphere to all tubes.

When the Orbit lid is removed, the septa are automatically re-sealed and the tubes are free to be safely transported. Furthermore, the septa covering each vessel are reusable and simply replaced facilitating easy reagent addition and improving cost efficiency. Additionally, as a convenient, hassle-free solution, Orbit’s unique design allows the gas and water supplies to remain connected to the reflux unit and the rack of tubes to be removed independently.

Orbit has been developed as a robust parallel reaction module for use in the R&D chemistry laboratory and is the latest addition to Syrris’s expanding product portfolio of innovative, automated chemistry tools.

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