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Syrris launches application-focused Asia flow chemistry range

Asia-electrochemistry-system-advancedSyrris has updated its revolutionary Asia range of flow chemistry systems, introducing a number of new modules and application-focused solutions. Designed by chemists for chemists, these award-winning systems have been developed to offer exceptional ease of use and enable a wide variety of chemical reactions.

The modular Asia range offers configurations to suit everything from beginners with modest budgets and experts who demand the utmost functionality, and now includes preconfigured systems for specific applications, from cryogenic reactions and nanoparticle synthesis to electrochemistry and process optimization and scale-up. Users can perform manually controlled or fully automated experiments across an extensive range of temperatures, pressures and reaction times – on scales from milligrams to kilograms – ensuring there is an Asia set-up to meet your flow chemistry needs.

Catherine Carter, from the Ley Group at the University of Cambridge, UK, commented: “The modular design of the Asia system is very helpful, allowing us to rearrange it into different configurations to suit whatever multi-step synthesis sequence we need to perform. The flexibility to change syringes enables anything from very small scale to large scale synthesis to be achieved.”