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New Versatile Volumetric Dosing System from Syrris

The Atlas Syringe Pump for easy automated reagent addition

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Atlas_Syringe_Pump_PRPalm Springs, CA (27th January 2008) – Leading chemistry automation product innovator Syrris, has announced the launch of the new Atlas Syringe Pump at LabAutomation 2008. As the latest addition to the Atlas family of modular synthesis products, the new syringe pump has been designed as a flexible and intelligent module for volumetric dosing. Easy-to-use, an intuitive twist-and-click control allows for isolated operation. Alternatively, control via the Atlas base or Atlas PC software allows intelligent, automated reagent addition and advanced flow profiles. This versatile and compact Syringe Pump provides the user with a range of control and configuration choices. The system consists of two syringes (with 6 port valves) that can be easily configured into two refilling flows or one continuous flow. A choice of dosing modes also allows simple reagent additions or the intelligent active control of parameters using Atlas pH and temperature sensors. Furthermore, a maximum temperature or pH threshold can be set to pause the pump in the case of an exotherm or if a reaction pH is exceeded.

The Atlas Syringe Pump can be supplied with the Atlas Potassium model, a jacketed reactor system including overhead stirring and temperature control, to add volumetric dosing. Furthermore, with its excellent chemical compatibility, a wide flow range spanning 0.5 µl/min -10ml/min and operational flexibility (10 reagents to 1 reactor, 1 reagent to 10 reactors, two separate flows or one continuous flow), the Atlas Syringe Pump is a valuable automation tool for the chemistry laboratory.

The new Syringe Pump forms part of the Atlas family of automated synthesis systems. For more information on Atlas and its extended family of products, please visit