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New Look Sales Team For Syrris

Royston, UK – With increasing use of its AFRICA™ flow microreactor, Syrris has restructured its sales and support team to better serve customers in Europe and the US.

Commercial Director Richard Gray has moved to New Jersey, USA to establish Syrris, Inc., and manage Sales and support operations in the US. Dr Moharem El Gihani has joined Syrris as Business Development Manager, with responsibility for sales in Europe and Asia. Mike Hawes, Syrris’s Technology Application Leader will provide demonstration and technical support.

AFRICA is a modular flow microreactor in which reagents are continuously injected and reacted together. Parameters such as reaction time, temperature and stoichiometry are easy to change in real time. A series of reactions can be set up, run and analysed automatically overnight – allowing R&D chemists to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimization.

“More and more chemists are looking to flow chemistry to provide faster and more cost-effective method development” said Richard Gray. “Our expanding client base is spread throughout Europe and US, and includes major pharma companies such as GSK and Pfizer. Having an on-the-ground presence in the US is a real opportunity for us.”