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New flow chemistry resource demonstrates the popularity of Syrris flow reactors

syrris-flow-chemistry-publications-documentWe have created a convenient reference guide highlighting the many and varied applications which have been performed using our flow chemistry solutions.

This useful resource lists over 50 peer-reviewed publications which have taken advantage of flow chemistry reactor set-ups in industries such as pharmaceutical development, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and fine chemical synthesis, showcasing the ever-increasing popularity of Syrris’ flow systems. Ranging from the early days of flow chemistry synthesis through to numerous present-day examples, the publications clearly demonstrate the significant influence of Syrris products in this rapidly developing field.

As the longest established provider of laboratory scale flow chemistry systems, we have a wealth of expertise in research and development of flow chemistry technologies. The newly created publication list demonstrates the versatility of our flow chemistry reactors, including the award winning Asia system. Together with the existing online application guide, this latest publication provides an invaluable source of information that will capture the interest of chemists worldwide, helping to drive forward the use of state-of-the-art flow chemistry techniques for a wide range of applications.

The publications list is available to download at