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Metal Nanoparticles engineered for high performance

Particle Works, supplier of micro-and-nanostructured materials, has released a range of metal nanoparticles specifically engineered to achieve high performance in applications such as lateral flow assays, catalysis, photo thermal heating, drug delivery and magnetic separation.

The particles include dodecanethiol coated gold nanoparticles comprised of a highly monodisperse gold core and minimal dodecnethiol coating which achieve optimum performance in catalysis, photothermal heating and printed electronics. Particle Works also produces highly monodisperse PEG functionalized gold nanoparticles specifically engineered for biomedical applications, as well as oxidation free cobalt nanoparticles that deliver exceptional magnetic performance for drug delivery, magnetic separation and magnetic lateral flow applications.

The key to achieving high performance in nanomaterials is precise control of the key particle parameters, such as the size, shape and architecture. Particle Works uses state of the art automated microfluidic continuous flow reactors and batch reactors from its sister brand Syrris and droplet microfluidic equipment to manufacture its particles at peak performance.