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Intelligently dose chemical reactors at high flow rates with the Atlas Syringe Pump

atlas-syringe-pump-and-xl-pumpSyrris has created the unique Atlas Syringe Pump XL. This innovative pump, which is extremely chemically resistant, allows automated volumetric dosing from 100µl/min to 200ml/min, providing ultimate flexibility for automated chemistry applications.

The Atlas Syringe Pump XL features two syringes which can be independently controlled or combined to enable continuous flow at pressures up to 6 bar. Its embedded computer and range of accessories allow it to independently automate sophisticated additions, sample into vials at user-defined intervals or automatically dose acids or bases to maintain a user-defined pH, with built-in safety features to pause the process in the event of an exothermic reaction exceeding a predefined temperature.

For even greater control, it can be connected to an Atlas Base Unit, Reactor Master or PC to allow coordination of automated dosing/sampling with other process parameters, such as heating and stirring.

To learn more about the benefits of the Atlas Syringe Pump XL, please visit the Atlas Syringe Pumps page.