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Intelligent Design Makes Automated Chemistry Affordable

atlas_potassium_PRSyrris’s atlas provides superior automated chemistry product for a fraction of the cost

By looking at automated chemical synthesis from a completely different perspective, leading chemistry innovator, Syrris has cut the expected cost of a system by up to 60%. At just one third of the price of other automated reactors, Syrris’s Atlas provides real price benefits, delivering full functionality to accommodate a broad range of applications, for just a fraction of the cost.

Known for its innovative technologies and expanding product lines, Syrris has developed atlas as a modular, cost-effective tool that allows a range of functions including heating, stirring, cooling and automated reagent addition to be carried out. Such modularity enables the system to be scaled up for greater throughput or experimental complexity when required.

Intelligent design allows atlas to work as a simple or programmable reaction stirrer when used as a stand-alone unit or as a sophisticated controlled lab reactor when connected to a PC, and integration with existing third party laboratory instrumentation is easily achieved.

Key to its ongoing success is its affordability and ease-of-use. Front panel controls are intuitive for simple pre-programming of experimental parameters such as temperature, stirring and reagent addition profiles, and various experimental set-ups are accommodated.

For example, a range of base inserts are available for round–bottomed flasks (50 ml to 1000ml), a unique clip-in overhead stirrer can be incorporated for use with more viscous solutions, and quick-click reactor clamps allow flasks and jacketed reaction vessels to be easily clicked into place without additional clamps or straps.

David Easson, Vice President of Manufacturing and Process Development at Epic Therapeutics (Norwood, MA), has incorporated atlas into his laboratory, “We recently purchased two atlas systems and have been delighted with their performance, ease-of-use and flexibility.

In addition, the lower cost of the systems made our decision-making process very easy” says Easson, adding “The atlas software makes the equipment particularly simple to operate alongside a wide range of our existing laboratory instrumentation for efficient system control and data logging.”