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ICECHIM invests in flow chemistry with the Syrris Asia system

florin-oancea-with-syrris-asia-systemThe modular Asia system from Syrris is providing researchers at the Romanian National Institute for Research and Development for Chemistry and Petrochemistry (ICECHIM) with the ability to explore a range of flow chemistry applications. Florin Oancea, Scientific Director at ICECHIM, explained: “Like many chemistry research groups, we are increasingly focusing on biochemistry and biorefinery applications, as fossil fuel-derived products will become more and more expensive in the future. Flow chemistry is the ideal solution to explore this approach, offering the flexibility to develop numerous applications and providing easy scale-up for process commercialization, particularly for the development of biological analogues of plant hormones for use in the Romanian agriculture sector.”

“We chose the Asia flow chemistry system because of its ability to provide options for mini-reactor, mini-column reactor and micro-reactor set-ups in a single platform: this level of flexibility is unique to the Asia products. Syrris’ close ties with its sister company Dolomite will also make it easier to integrate a microfluidics approach into our workflow, working with the support of both companies to accelerate our research. Although we are just beginning our journey with flow chemistry, we are investing in both our expertise and capabilities in this area, with the aim of fully exploring the potential of the Syrris technology.”