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High quality, easy-to-use reactor automator for chemical synthesis

Syrris Reactor Master provides chemistry automation with complete control and data logging

reactor_masterSyrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the new Reactor Master for automating jacketed reactor systems and data logging without the need for any PC software. Designed specifically for use with chemical synthesis equipment in chemical laboratories, this system can automate circulators or chillers, stirrers, thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) from virtually any manufacturer via the easy-to-use control knob. Furthermore, data can be viewed in real-time and exported for convenient off-line data analysis.

Available in two different versions, the Reactor Master is suitable for a range of requirements and budgets. The Reactor Master Basic is easily controlled using a multifunction knob which allows set points, ramps or sophisticated profiles for temperature and stirring speed. A compact design enables it to fit conveniently by the reactor system and all parameters, such as stirrer speed and torque are displayed on the LCD screen in real-time. This data is continually saved to one csv file, which is easily exported via a USB stick.

The Reactor Master Pro incorporates all the benefits of the basic model, along with a number of more advanced features. Closed loop (PID) control of the circulator allows a uniform reaction temperature to be accurately maintained, minimizing the chances of variability. An entry-level data analysis PC software upgrade enables graphs to be generated with the simple click of a button. Furthermore, upgrading to the full PC software version allows complex recipe control, real time data plotting and control of third party hardware.

The Syrris Reactor Master is compatible with a wide range of thermoregulators, temperature sensors, overhead stirrers, pH meters and turbidity systems.

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