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High Quality, Customised Laboratory Systems

Syrris launch new custom reactor systems for increased user specificity

reactor_master_and_syrris_systemsLeading chemistry automation product innovator, Syrris is delighted to announce that it can now offer users custom laboratory reactor systems from 10ml to 100 litres. Designed and built to the customer’s specification, complete systems including reactors, stirrers, circulators, RTDs, pumps, balances, sensors, etc, can be configured using virtually any manufacturer’s apparatus. Manual control or total automation can be selected using the flexible and easy-to-use Atlas PC Software.

Each customised system offers a range of benefits, such as safe performance, wide reactor volume ranges (10ml to 100 litres) in glass, stainless steel, or Hastelloy, and dosing of gas, liquid or powder, with fully automated, or manual control. Additionally, the system includes high torque stirring and measurement, and can be integrated with pH and liquid control.

The custom reactor systems can also use pressurized reactions so fully controlled hydrogenations and carbonylations can be performed. Highly flexible modular apparatus is coupled with easy-to-use software and an intuitive graphical interface that provides drag and drop icons that enables recipes to be created, edited and run quickly and accurately.

The automatic data-logging feature of the software allows responses such as temperature, stirrer speed, pH, etc, to be monitored and logged to one csv file. As a result, the new custom laboratory reactor system can provide a highly adaptable, efficient solution for any chemistry laboratory.

With over 200 man years of combined experience, Syrris chemists and engineers manufacture the highest quality customised systems, which are rigorously tested before installation.

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