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Glass Solutions rises to the challenge

news-9Blackpool-based RocketScienceMods, a manufacturer of high-end electronic cigarette components, turned to glassware specialist Glass Solutions to meet its need for a bespoke high quality drip tip. Managing Director Matthew Smith explained: “Top of the range e-cigarettes have a separate mouthpiece which, traditionally, is made from either stainless steel or plastic. However, many users felt that plastic mouthpieces lacked a quality feel, while stainless steel tended to accumulate dirt. RocketScienceMods wanted to offer an alternative; a Pyrex® mouthpiece manufactured, like the rest of our products, from UK-sourced raw materials. Our search for a glass supplier that could work to tight deadlines to produce a top-end product meeting our demanding quality standards led us to Glass Solutions. The company also shares our ethics for being an entirely UK-sourced manufacturer, which is equally important.” “We have a great relationship with Glass Solutions. The company worked well with us to perfect a high quality product meeting our design specifications and tolerances, adjusting its processes where necessary and providing technical advice. This expertise was particularly important in helping us accomplish the technical challenge of bonding a stainless steel collar to the Pyrex® drip tip, where we not only had to meet the mechanical needs of the joint, but also health and safety requirements. Our business transactions with Glass Solutions are always straightforward, which is a big bonus, and we’ve no plans to change.”