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Glass Solutions provides a clear line of sight

news-4Bolton-based PTFE Developments Ltd. specialises in the production of fluoropolymer-lined chemical process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, relying on Glass Solutions to supply the high quality glass used in its tubular sight glasses. David Howarth, Managing Director, explained: “We chose Glass Solutions as our supplier because the company maintains substantial stocks of the SCHOTT Duran range of borosilicate glass that we use. This helps to ensure the availability of top-end glass tubes made to our specifications, which is vital for reliable production.” “Quality, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, is a very important factor. Glass Solutions’ workmanship is excellent, and the glasses we receive are always accurately cut. We simply place an order for the size and length of tube that we need, and the company delivers a custom solution ready to build in to our products. We have a good working relationship with the company, and the service we receive is excellent; Glass Solutions is both flexible and efficient, which is particularly beneficial if we need something urgently. We have been working with the company for several years now, and find the team really easy to deal with.”