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Glass Solutions a key contributor to the success of LabPlant spray dryers

news-7Glass Solutions hand-blown precision glassware is key to the continued success of Yorkshire-based LabPlant UK’s laboratory scale spray dryers. Simon Rowe, sales/purchasing and exports manager, explained: “Spray dryers are popular research tools in industries such as pharmaceuticals, and flavors and fragrances, as well as academia, enabling the conversion of liquids into powders for further analysis. These systems are bespoke items, adapted to individual customers’ requirements, and high quality glassware is a vital part of the unit, whether that’s chambers, collection bottles or cyclones.” “It is important that the glass components of the spray dryers are made reproducibly, and we need to ensure that the tolerances are exactly the same every time. Our systems are designed to enable a degree of movement to either side, allowing adjustments to be made should there be any variance in the glassware, but the quality of Glass Solutions products is such that we almost never need to do this. Although every component is inspected on delivery, I know that this is not necessary since each piece of glassware will be identical, which is excellent. We have worked with Glass Solutions for many years, receiving great service. Our relationship with the company is really good, and we know that it will meet its deadlines, which is key to the timely delivery of our products.”