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Fully-automated, easy-to-control microreactor flow system

Africa Software offers unrivalled flow chemistry control

africa_prThe Africa Microreactor Flow System from Syrris is flexible, easy-to-use, modular apparatus for faster, cleaner, safer flow chemistry. The innovative Africa software controls the whole system offering unattended synthesis, aqueous work-up and analysis. This allows R&D chemists to accelerate compound synthesis and reaction optimisation for drug discovery and process development.

The Africa software automatically detects which modules are connected and allows the user to select a pre-defined fluidic set-up or create a new one with the user-friendly drag and drop interface.

The user simply needs to enter the reagents, solvents and molar concentrations, followed by data on stoichiometry, reaction time, temperature and the desired quantity. This allows the software to automatically control all injection, heating, cooling, sampling and collection timings, leaving the user free to perform other tasks within the lab.

Each experiment is automated by the software and all data is logged. Each reaction is automatically collected in a separate vial. If the HPLC module is connected, a sample of each reaction is automatically taken, diluted and injected into the HPLC for analysis. Resulting chromatograms are easily produced, integrated or tabulated as required. Reports and graphs of all process data can be generated in real time and data exported as .csv files.

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