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Free Temperature Probe with Dosing Pump

Free Temperature Probe with Dosing Pump

Versatile Atlas Syringe Pump comes with FREE Temperature Probe and Node worth over £500

Atlas_Syringe_Pump_PRSyrris has announced that for a limited time only, any purchase of an Atlas Syringe Pump will be supplemented with a completely free Temperature Probe for temperature-dependent dosing, worth over £500 (approximately €600/$1000). As the latest addition to the Atlas family of modular synthesis products, the new Syringe Pump has been designed as a flexible, intelligent module for automated volumetric dosing to reactors without PC control.

By connecting the Syrris pH probe it is also possible to maintain a pH by the addition of acid and or base. Its easy to use twist-and-click control knob with large display is complemented by operational flexibility and a broad flow-rate range of 0.5 µl/min to 10 ml/min, making it a valuable automation tool for any chemistry laboratory. Combined with the additional bonus of a free Temperature Probe, further experimental versatility is available at no extra cost.

Free Temperature Probes are available only with Atlas Syringe Pump orders received before 31st August 2008.

For further information, visit the Atlas Syringe Pump product page, or click here to submit an enquiry.