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The Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction Module (FLLEX) for Compound Purification

AFRICA_System_-_Low_ResNew module extends AFRICA microreactor functionality

Royston, UK – Syrris have announced the introduction of the new Flow Liquid-Liquid EXtraction (FLLEX) module for their AFRICA automated flow chemistry system. Designed specifically for the in-line removal of unwanted compounds from solution, the FLLEX significantly increases the speed and quality of product purification following synthesis.

The AFRICA microreactor has already established itself as a highly efficient flow system for reaction optimisation in both medicinal and process chemistry. AFRICA allows a series of controlled reactions to be carried out under laminar flow, improving reaction time, optimisation and control. The launch of the new FLLEX unit now significantly extends its functionality. Designed to be connected post-reaction, FLLEX purifies and separates the reaction solution for collection or for additional reaction processes.

Using liquid-liquid extraction principles, the AFRICA-synthesised compound is passed in solution to an immiscible wash stream of two solvent phases, where molecules are rapidly (less than 3 seconds) partitioned into the preferred solvent phases. Using the FLLEX, valuable compound can be separated from waste product and the two streams passed for collection, analysis or further reaction. The FLLEX module can also be used to separate biphasic flow reactions. Highly accurate internal quality control is afforded through the use of optical sensors to monitor output stream purity and back pressure regulators to accurately control fluid pressure.

For complex reaction setups the FLLEX Reaction Manager software allows experimental layouts to be designed with multiple reaction and extraction stages connected in series.

FLLEX joins the Flow Factory, a new solid phase module for multi-step flow chemistry, both of which are recent additions to the Syrris portfolio of micro reactor products and vastly expand the range of reaction types that can be carried out in flow with AFRICA.