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The Flow Factory: More Reactions, More Easily

AFRICA_System_-_Low_ResNew module extends utility of AFRICA microreactor system

Royston, UK – Syrris have announced the introduction of the Flow Factory, the new solid phase module of their AFRICA flow chemistry microreactor. Due for release early in Q2 2006, the Flow Factory extends the utility of the existing system and is being developed in collaboration with Cambridge University’s Department of Chemistry and a major pharma company.

The AFRICA microreactor is fast establishing itself as the benchmark flow system for reaction optimisation in both medicinal and process chemistry. It enables multiple reactions to be completed much faster, and in a more controlled way, than standard reaction methods. The Flow Factory increases AFRICA’s capabilities by allowing the use of heterogeneous catalysts, solid supported reagents and scavengers in a flow environment. This vastly expands the range of reaction types that can be carried out in flow.

With capacity for up to eight reaction steps, each with independent temperature control, the Flow Factory allows chemists to run multiple reactions from one set up. The flexibility of the module means that it can be operated in a manual mode from the module’s front panel, or by using a PC as an integral part of the existing AFRICA system, controlled by Syrris’s Flow Manager software.

In assessing the significance of the Flow Factory, Professor Steve Ley of Cambridge University’s Department of Chemistry said “The new module allows my group to carry out the sophisticated multi-step flow chemistry we have developed for immobilised reagents and catalysts, greatly extending the capability of the AFRICA platform.’