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Flexible, Easy-to-Use, High-Performance Calorimeter

Syrris launch new Atlas calorimeter

calorimetry_system_200wSyrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the Atlas Calorimeter for Heat Flow Calorimetry (HFC) and Power Compensatory Calorimetry (PCC) measurement. This high-performance, low cost and easy-to-use calorimeter, can generate power and enthalpy graphs at the click of a button. This, combined with the simple configuration of reaction temperatures, dosing quantities and alarms will provide chemistry laboratories with an easy, safe and accurate calorimetry system.

The fully automated calorimeter provides excellent temperature control with highly accurate results. Furthermore, all the components of the system click together quickly and easily, removing the need for any tools and enabling the vessels or stirrer to be changed in under 1 minute. Available with a 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L or 2 L vacuum jacketed vessel, this highly flexible system can be used for the vast majority of HFC or PCC investigations.

Dr Ben Brockbank, Process Development, Syngenta Ltd, complimented the system, “We have found Atlas to be extremely versatile and the ability to re-configure the system as projects demand change is very powerful. Applications such as turbidity, pH control, distillation and calorimetry have been made easy with Atlas and we have also received excellent post-sales support and technical help from Syrris.” He continued, “We have been very impressed with the Atlas software and find the ability to seamlessly integrate and control 3rd party equipment to be particularly important when designing experiments.”

Reaction temperatures, reagent addition and pre/post run calibration, are all controlled automatically, eliminating the need for user intervention. What is more, the software automatically controls the operation of all experimental parameters, providing highly accurate and efficient performance with user friendly operation. Analysis is made easy by the ‘single click’ plotting of power and enthalpy in real time.

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