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Flavor and fragrance production with the Syrris Atlas Calorimeter

atlas-calorimeter-from-syrrisIFF, a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances, uses the Syrris Atlas Calorimeter for flavor and fragrance development at its production plant in Benicarlo, Spain. Chemical process engineer Onofre Casanova explained:

“We purchased an Atlas Calorimeter last year, and use it every day to validate new approaches, test new reactions and check whether a particular catalyst or component is active. It enables us to try small-scale reactions before moving to a large-scale pilot plant.”

“Before we had the Atlas system we used conventional labware and oil baths, which required close monitoring. With the Atlas, we can leave experiments running all night and get a good result the next day, freeing up time to do other tasks. The system is easy to use and reliable – we know that when we move from the Atlas system to the large-scale plant we will get very similar results – and the software is just beautiful.”

“Syrris also worked with us to develop customized stirrers and baffles specifically for our work, and we were able to get what we needed in a reasonable time and for a reasonable price. Our Atlas system has been so successful that we plan to purchase another one in the near future.”

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