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Exploiting Flow Chemistry in R&D, Workshops


These workshops have been designed to enable chemists to see and try out the latest advances in flow chemistry for laboratory synthesis. They are being organised jointly by the Chemistry Innovation Knowledge Transfer Network and Cardiff University. Attendance at the workshops will be limited in numbers to facilitate participation and will take place at two separate venues and dates. Both venues will operate to essentially the same programme.

Aims of the workshops

Despite being a well tried technology for chemistry, particularly in the manufacturing area, flow chemistry in the laboratory has not been widely adopted by the organic synthesis R&D community. Microflow equipment was first shown some years ago but is today only practiced by a few research groups, despite many seemingly attractive attributes.

In recent years one of the apparent hurdles to uptake, the cost of equipment, has been lowered considerably. Suitable equipment is now appearing that is effective, flexible, robust and affordable. It is now a good time for chemists to take a fresh look at what is available and what can be done to great advantage with flow chemistry in the organic synthesis R&D area.

These workshops will each take the form of a lecture session given by experts in the field, followed by a practical session in which delegates can see and try out for themselves modern flow equipment. A short discussion session will conclude the workshops to enable delegate chemists to “have their say” on flow chemistry.

Organising Committee

Prof David Barrow metaFAB, Cardiff University

Mr Richard Bahu Chemistry Innovation

Mr Mark Gilligan The Dolomite Centre Ltd

Dr Ken Veal Chemistry Innovation


We would like to thank, Johnson Matthey at Royston for providing their training facility for the talks and the (adjacent) Dolomite Centre at Royston for making available laboratory facilities for the demonstrations. We would also like to thank the University of Cardiff for hosting the Wales event.

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