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Easy-to-use, Advanced Sonocrystallization System

Syrris further expands its Atlas automated reactor series

atlas_sonolabSyrris, a leading chemistry automation product innovator, has introduced the new Atlas SonoLab™ System in collaboration with Prosonix, a world leader in patented sonocrystallization technology. The Atlas SonoLab System is a high-performance, automated ultrasound system for sonocrystallization, sonomilling and sonochemistry. Combining the Atlas jacketed reactor platform with Prosonix’s new SonoLab™ ultrasound technology enables the reproducible control of crystallizations and allows selectivity of parameters such as particle size, shape, crystallinity and polymorph.

With advanced control of nucleation and growth rate, the Atlas SonoLab™ System is able to produce extremely pure results for a high-quality final product. Batch-to-batch consistency is maintained via automated control of the process parameters and nucleation, to provide extremely reproducible results. Controlling nucleation without using external seed crystals avoids any consistency issues and increases selectivity. Furthermore, utilising the new SonoLab equipment in conjunction with the Atlas platform provides a basis for quality ultrasonic experiments and a seamless transition from laboratory to pilot plant at scales ranging from 100 ml to 100 L. In addition, laboratory results can be successfully implemented at manufacturing scale using the Prosonitron™ range of instruments.

The easy-to-use Atlas SonoLab™ system incorporates the Atlas Software’s intuitive “drag and drop” user interface with the ability to produce real-time graphs as the experiment occurs. An accurate process performance is provided using the sophisticated proportional-integral-derivative (PID) temperature control with accurate sensor feedback to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained through-out. Furthermore, the Atlas Software allows the introduction of ultrasound at accurate temperature points within and around the metastable zone enabling complete control of all important parameters required for sonocrystallization applications. Turbidity sensing can be performed by the Atlas Turbidity Probe and particle size analysis is possible through integration of a Focused Beam Reflectance Method (FBRM) sensor.

The Atlas SonoLab™ System is the latest addition to the highly successful range of Atlas automated synthesis products that includes systems for applications such as reaction calorimetry, pH monitoring and control, volumetric dosing, gravimetric dosing and many more.

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