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Dolomite Bio launches new application note on agarose encapsulation

Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology today announced the launch of a new application note demonstrating agarose encapsulation with the Nadia Innovate.

Hydrogel droplets, such as those made of agarose, represent a potent solution for many single cell applications (1). Due to their properties which allow the diffusion of nutrients and dissolved gases to circulate and reach the encased cells, agarose encapsulation is a powerful tool that allows cells to be grown in individual microenvironments for extended periods of time.

Utilizing Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Innovate versatility, parameters such as stirrer speeds, temperature, and pressure conditions were adjusted to enable the encapsulation of agarose inside droplets and the subsequent recovery of solid agarose beads (Figure 1).

Download the application note


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