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Blacktrace focuses on biology with the launch of Dolomite Bio

dolomite-bio-newsBlacktrace Holdings Limited, a leading group of companies focused on Productizing Science®, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest brand, Dolomite Bio. Spun out from sister company Dolomite Microfluidics, this biology-focused brand will develop innovative products for high throughput single cell research.

Single cell analysis is a rapidly growing market, allowing scientists to observe the behavior of individual cells in isolation. This makes it easier to research the effects of specific genes or drugs, increasing our understanding of the interconnecting molecular events continually taking place in each cell. The success of Dolomite Microfluidics in this arena is a testament to both the quality and flexibility of the company’s modular microfluidic systems and components. Blacktrace has now created Dolomite Bio specifically to cater for the life sciences market, with the aim of developing a range of specialist microfluidic systems and modules – as well as control software and reagents – for cell biology applications. Its highly scalable core technology enables microdroplet encapsulation of individual cells and molecules – from a few cells to millions or more – in just a few minutes, making it ideal for high throughput applications.

Mike Hawes, CEO of Dolomite Bio, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of Dolomite Bio, which will focus on developing novel products for high throughput single cell research. This new brand takes advantage of Dolomite Microfluidics’ underlying technology and the Blacktrace group’s understanding of the market to serve customers in this rapidly growing field.”

Omar Jina, Chief Commercial Officer at Blacktrace Holdings, commented: “We are very pleased to add Dolomite Bio to our portfolio of pioneering brands. As world leaders in innovative product development, we are continuously looking for new ways to combine our science and product engineering capabilities to address unmet needs in the market. Dolomite Bio’s focus on life sciences will ensure we can deliver cutting-edge microfluidics solutions for this sector, pushing the boundaries of single cell research.”

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