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Automated flow chemistry from concept to collection

Syrris introduce new reagent injection and product collection modules for AFRICA

AFRICA_System_-_Low_ResRoyston, UK – Flow chemistry innovators, Syrris have announced the introduction of two new modules for their AFRICA (Automated Flow Reaction Incubation and Control Apparatus) system. The new reagent injection and product collection modules allow full automated synthesis, improving throughput and extending walk-away time. Suited to the production of synthetic libraries, or use for reagent screening, reaction optimisation, kinetic studies, degradation studies, and logD screening, the new modules expand AFRICA’s already extensive application areas.

AFRICA has become established as a highly efficient, automated flow system for reaction optimisation in both medicinal and process chemistry. Allowing a series of controlled reactions to be carried out under laminar flow, AFRICA improves reaction time, experimental optimisation, and reproducibility.

With the introduction of the new reagent injection module, hundreds of compounds, separated from each other by solvent, can be injected into the flow reactor under pressure. By injecting multiple reactions into the flowing stream in series, several reactions are in the system at any one time, significantly increasing experimental throughput.

The new product collection module and integrated fraction collector allow individual reactions to be automatically collected in tubes or vials and unwanted solvent to be diverted to waste. With the ability to choose point of collection i.e. the heart of the reaction for maximum concentration or purity, or the diffusion/dispersion areas for maximum recovery, these new modules can significantly aid experimental efficiency and minimise waste or loss of product.

The reagent injection and product collection modules are the most recent additions to the Syrris portfolio of microreactor products and vastly improve the operational efficiency and expand the number of flow applications of AFRICA.

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Syrris Limited

Established in 2001, Syrris Limited is one of the fastest growing science SMEs in the UK employing 20 scientists at its facility in Royston (near Cambridge). Founders Mark Gilligan and Richard Gray come from a background of developing automation products for chemists at companies such as The Technology Partnership (TTP) and Mettler Toledo Automated Chemistry.

Syrris specialise in flow reactors for R&D chemists, including FRX: a low cost flow chemistry system and AFRICA (Automated Flow Reaction Incubation and Control Apparatus): a modular system for library synthesis, aqueous work-up and reaction optimization that will ultimately reduce the time taken to develop, synthesize, screen and review a chemical entity, thus vastly speeding up the drug discovery process.

Syrris also develops more general productivity tools for chemists such as the Lara Controlled Lab Reactor system and the Coflux Calorimeter. Syrris has additionally recently launched the new atlas automated chemistry system.

In recognition of its technological achievements, Syrris has been awarded a prestigious UK DTI SMART Exceptional Grant. Syrris has also won a significant DTi MNT (Micro and Nano Technology) award which is being used to establish a new subsidiary called The Dolomite Centre Ltd. This new company is focused on design and fabrication of Microfluidic devices for a wide range of applications.