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Atlas lab scale chemistry reactor aids development of new compounds

3-bar-atlas-200wSiam Research & Innovation Co. Ltd. has invested in an Atlas lab scale chemistry reactor from Syrris to investigate the kinetics of cement hydration and the interaction of admixtures, as researcher Ms Wanjana Wannaphahoun explained:

“We perform research and development for the cement manufacturer SCG. It is important that the end products are high quality, and so the composition of the cementitious mixture is enhanced by adding extra materials that modify its performance.”

“The Atlas reactor was purchased to help with this work, and is used regularly for a wide variety of reactions and applications, such as calorimetry, and pH monitoring and control, at pressures of up to 3 bar. The system logs all set points and sensor data, which allows us to prepare materials of different types and structures, and determine how additives affect the physical and mechanical properties of grey cement powder.”

“Atlas can be easily reconfigured without the need for any tools, and its high chemical resistance enables processes to be performed in highly acidic or basic conditions. This versatility, and the repeatability and reliability of the reactions, are particularly useful when developing new compounds. Technical support and advice from both Syrris and Sithiphorn, our local distributor, are very good, and we were particularly pleased with the training and consultation service at the Syrris Thailand workshop. We are confident that the Atlas system will grow with us, as we add extra modules to meet our future requirements.”