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Asia flow chemistry system heralds success for Syrris

asia-130-flow-chemistry-system-from-syrrisSyrris, a world leader in flow product innovation, is enjoying outstanding success with sales of Asia, its revolutionary range of advanced flow chemistry products. Sales of the modular Asia flow product have been hailed a triumph for the Company, as ever-increasing numbers of scientists around the world discover the benefits the system offers to the laboratory.

Designed by chemists, for chemists, the innovative Asia system offers a variety of modules, including the most sophisticated flow chemistry pump available, the Asia Syringe Pump. Catherine Carter, a PhD student working in Professor Steve Ley’s world-leading flow chemistry research group at the University of Cambridge, said:

“The pressurised inlet for the pumps is extremely useful for these reactions – pumping organometallic compounds can be problematic in flow chemistry – giving us the confidence to try things that we would not previously have attempted and helping to reduce failure rates.”

Asia is a family of different modules that can be configured into a wide range of different systems. Its proprietary technology allows automated experiments with or without a PC, and the modular design makes it suitable for everything from a manually operated starter system to fully automated reaction optimization with integrated analysis. Mike Hawes, CEO of Syrris, commented:

“Asia is designed to offer chemists the widest variety of chemical reaction space, combined with ultimate ease of use. Having launched the Asia product range less than a year ago and achieved sales in excess of 300 modules, the new Asia flow chemistry system has been a fantastic success for Syrris.”

For more information, please visit the Asia Flow Chemistry webpages.