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Why is the ability to be flexible in single cell research so important?

To get the most out of single cell research, we explain why having flexibility is so important for future development in the market and in enabling users to do so much more in single cell research.

New applications and protocols

With new single cell technologies and solution, it is now possible to develop new protocols and applications for your specific need.

Optimize your single cell sequencing

Want to adjust your parameters to optimize your single cell research? It is now possible to adjust a number of parameters including droplet-size, frequency, droplet components, temperature and cell and bead agitation.


Do you have a range of sample sizes that you want to run? With the ability to run 1, 2, 4 or 8 samples in parallel you can run a range of sample sizes and ensure you are high throughput.

Open to the future

New methods and applications using single cell principles are continuously being developed – who knows where we will be in the single cell world in 5 years! . This is why it is so important to ensure you have a single cell solution that is open to the future. This will give you the opportunity to keep your system open for future development and discoveries.

Another nice feature of the Dolomite Bio system is that it’s quite flexible. This allows you to develop your own protocols, and we have been able to optimize the chemistry and our libraries to perfectly match our downstream processes

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