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Particle Works combines a strong heritage of engineering, scientific knowledge, microfluidic expertise, and in-house chip fabrication. Dedicated to designing and building state-of-the-art particle engineering platforms, Particle Works paves the way to particle perfection. Our game-changing technology allows you to produce particles with unrivalled precision, quality, consistency and control while reducing your development time and cost.

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As part of Blacktrace, we’ve been at the forefront of microfluidics and have been selling particle systems for more than a decade. We have a strong heritage in particle engineering and built a fantastic team with expertise in developing a wide range of innovative microfluidic devices and chip fabrication. Our in-house designed and precisely manufactured chips, combined with our innovative platforms, revolutionize the formation of particles when working on the nanoscale; whether it be liposomes, lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), polymer-based nanoparticles, or microparticles, such as hydrogels.


Particle performance depends on:

Particle Size Size:

Targetable particle diameters, consistently achieved using our meticulously engineered systems, ensure your highly monodisperse particles complement your application, from cell encapsulation (microparticles) to molecular entities such as nucleic acids (nanoparticles).

Particle Shape Shape:

Continuous flow methodology provides accurate and reproducible self-assembly processes ensuring a homogeneous shape for any particle, including lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), polymer-based nanoparticles, or microparticles, such as hydrogels.

Particle Structure Structure:

Consistent production of identical particles, with high encapsulation efficiency, allows each particle to operate at its full potential.


What we offer


Particle engineering platforms

Our platforms generate precisely-controlled particles for a wide range of applications, including encapsulation of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic cargoes, vaccine development and controlled active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) release. We carefully design and build innovative, pioneering technologies for the whole journey, from protocol development and discovery to manufacturing and scale-up.

Proof of principle studies

Our team of expert scientists will work closely with you to quickly test your materials on our platforms, demonstrating system performance and particle engineering capabilities. This helps you to choose the best system for your lab, suited to your needs, providing peace of mind. Contact us to discuss your project.

Contract manufacturing

Our unique particle engineering capabilities and expertise equip us with unmatched abilities to manufacture your bespoke formulation in increasing quantities. Whether your application requires the use of our standard equipment or a specifically customized setup, our experts will collaborate with you to produce particles to the highest standard. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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